There are some people that are truly blessed and given the privilege of having a gift - Lisa is definitely one of them. the Bible tells us Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth yes, there is only glimpses of what's beyond. I believe when we have loved ones that have graduated from Earth before us that are daddy, God knows it can be hard to get closure sometimes and a peace about that, so I believe he's given the privilege and the blessing to some, to help give us that. There is no doubt in my mind after my time with her...she is gifted of God and a blessing. ~Samantha Woo Williams, 12/11/18

My session with Lisa was very insightful. She is amazing at what she does and is very gifted. I learned a lot about myself and my purpose today.  ~Michelle Garza Doubet, 11/8/18 


Lisa, has helped me very much with her gift doing reiki! She has helped with my generalized pain from my profession. She has done some distance and in person reiki on me. I highly recommend her services!💜  

~Lorie McKeon Machart, 9/25/2018

Lisa is amazing and I trust her with any information. When she gave me my message it put me at ease and everything was spot on! I love you Lisa! Thank you for providing such healing to everyone with your special gift! ~Coty Linsalata, 9/9/2018

Lisa is such a pleasure to visit with. The message I received came at such a perfect time in my life and I will forever treasure it. Thank you for providing your gift to others for healing ❤️ ~Kaylan Cox, 9/5/2018

I would like to say to Lisa, whatever you are doing, keep up the awesome and amazing work.  Reason for this is you were on point with me and my sister. ~Alta Freeman-Moore, 9/5/2018

First off what Lisa does is absolutely healing.  She has given me closure and healing. Her readings have been powerful and spot on.  I highly recommend her. ~Mattie Mcneal, 9/4/2018 

I have seen results from the reiki Lisa did on me and have seen first hand the readings have been spot on!  ~Marsha Lynn, 8/25/2018