Life Coaching is a form of talk-therapy that promotes empowering others by helping clients make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.  SPECIALTIES include confidence, self worth and self esteem, career change, adjusting to life changes, managing grief, parenting intuitive children, ascension and personal intuitive coaching. 

During sessions, the client may be asked to answer thought-provoking questions, complete worksheets and other projects to uncover underlying issues to reach personal and professional goals.

                                  MORE INFORMATION ON HOW LIFE COACHING CAN HELP

Finding Your Purpose: Many of us feel we are waiting for our lives to be on track or we feel there is something missing.  That may be because there is a lack of feeling you have found your purpose. Leading a purpose-driven life provides a feeling of satisfaction, and a feeling that you are on track and you are no longer waiting for your life to begin.  If you are feeling this way, life coaching can help by identifying barriers and how best to move past those barriers.

Raising An Intuitive Child: Is your child/teenager fearful or suffering from anxiety?  Perhaps there is a fear of being alone.  Maybe they speak of "invisible playmates" or they see people  that others do not see.  Some children may experience 'night terrors', disturbing dreams or have trouble sleeping.  Has your child mentioned another life or talked about places they have never been or that they have not studied but can speak about them in great detail.  These are all common signs your child is intuitive.  Often times children don't feel comfortable in their own skin and feel like an outcast because they feel like the are different than other children.  Life coaching can assist parents by offering strategies to help children with their coping skills by learning how to manage these situations and feelings.

Awakening or Intuitive/Psychic:  Experiencing an awakening or being intuitive or psychic can be very lonely and can also cause an individual to feel as though there is something wrong with them mentally.  This is a natural feeling because many people are surrounded by others that don't understand, therefore it can cause a person to feel isolated.  Through working with a life coach, you will learn about the process you are experiencing which will be of tremendous benefit.  Realizing you are not alone and that what you are going through is natural will help make the process not only bearable but interesting and fulfilling.  

Managing Grief: Grief can be debilitating.  Every person is different in how they move through the grief process. While some will move through the stages slowly, others will move through and then revert back to stage 1 and start over.  There is no right way to grieve but there are ways to cope with grief so that you can continue to function and get back to a quality life and eventually find joy again. 

5 Stages of Grief  

 1. Denial and isolation 

2. Anger

3. Bargaining 

4. Depression 

5. Acceptance  

Moving on and finding joy again does not minimize the love you have for your departed loved one.  A life coach can assist you in understanding the stages of grief, and how to cope so that you can move through the stages in a healthy way while giving respect and honor to the dearly departed. 

Grief is also very real when your loved one is battling a debilitating disease.  

Grief doesn't just begin when your loved one transitions, but can also begin while your loved one is suffering a terminal disease.